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“If your dreams can be accomplished in your lifetime, your dreams aren’t big enough.” – Justin Mcteer


Dreams can come in many shapes and sizes. Some people have a dream car, a dream house, or a dream job. These are all great dreams, and at some level will give us happiness, at least for a moment. Once one dream is fulfilled, we move onto the next. We repeat this process many times. Our dreams are what keep us going, and motivate us to work hard and take chances.


When we are children, our dreams are larger than life. When we dream as a child, there is no limit to what we can do even if we have no idea how to ge there. Our young dreams are fueled by figures or ideas that inspire us :superman, flying, doctors, policemen, etc. As we get older life can sometimes throw us haymakers, and we begin to lower our expectations of what we can accomplish.


In a world with ever evolving technology, we have the ability to see things and connect with things in a way that is only possible in our lifetime forward. Everyone now has the potential to change the world for a greater cause. It is important that we don’t let the haymakers diminish our dreams, but pursue them in a world where our opportunity to inspire and change lives increases by the second.


It is our dream to help push the evolving unmanned technology industry in a positive direction; in hopes that our dream will carry on long after we are gone.


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