Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet – The Sirens Project

See what our project is all about on this episode of Daily Planet. Produced and Edited by: Discovery Channel Canada

Supercell Drone Intercept with Launch (Medicine Park, OK 5/16/2015)

Launching and wall cloud intercept with AgEagle flying wing. After further analysis of the data, a pressure reading of 895mb was recorded near the center of circulation. A detailed blog about our intercept, including some of the data recovered, can be found here:

The Sirens Project – The Journey

The technology is here to change the world. We can pick up where others have left off. At The Sirens Project we are dedicated to pushing the limits of passion, science, and technology. In memory of Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young. We do not own the rights to the song, only the video.

KSU students develop tornado drone

A group of Kennesaw State University are changing the way meteorologists collect date from a storm. They are equipping a drone with the necessary sensors.