The Sirens Project assists disaster stricken communities by providing swift, specialized relief and collecting valuable atmospheric data through the utilization of unmanned aerial systems.


Sirens Project is dedicated to the organization and deployment of disaster response teams to areas that have been been impacted by severe weather. With Part 107 certified pilots, and UAS capabilities, Sirens Project coordinates specialized rapid deployment teams, supply drops, and general volunteer response. Our goal is to communicate clearly with local law enforcement and churches to recognize the greatest need within the impacted community. With accessible UAV technology we are able to seamlessly integrate real time field data with SAR technicians and first responders.


Sirens Project is an exploratory effort using unmanned technology in order to obtain more information on how tornadoes form and interact with their surroundings. Using cutting edge unmanned technology we are pushing the limits of the upcoming “drone” industry. Our desire to explore the unknown with new technology has launched us into an ambitious mission of sending unmanned systems into severe weather. We have set out to provide an advanced and effective way of researching severe weather and the adverse effects experienced by communities as a result. We aim to help shed a positive light on the upcoming UAV industry, as well as gather difficult to obtain in situ data within severe weather in hopes of improving forecasts and developing a more effective disaster response plan.